Our churros are made completely from scratch.

3TEN CHURROBAR is an urban dessert shop serving authentic churros, premium ice cream, and tasty beverages. Unique and Instagrammable menu items have created a buzz within the community and will have you craving your next visit!

Handmade churros are paired with delicious ice cream flavors, unique toppings, and unforgettable dipping sauces. 3TEN CHURROBAR has crafted a menu of flavors we all know and love with a creative twist, such as the popular ‘Campfire’ or ‘Churromisu’.

3TEN CHURROBAR is the only place to buy ChurroBites, the perfect bite-sized dessert served with your choice of dipping sauces. Offered in a single serving or shareable Party Pack, ChurroBites will become your addiction and everyone’s favorite at your next party!

double dipping required.